Usher and Greeter

You could reach out and serve by being an Usher or a Greeter. 
What is an Usher?

An Usher is responsible for several things at Changing Lives. They provide direction for visitors, seat individuals who need assistance, collect the offering, serve communion and provide security to various areas of the church campus. As an usher there are many ways you can serve our church on Sunday Morning and at special events. 

What is a Greeter?
A Greeter is responsible for making people, especially guests feel welcome at Changing Lives. These individuals set the "tone" of the morning with energy and compassion. When people visit a church they are looking for acceptance before anything else. If you walked into a church and no one said a word to you, would you come back? Probably not. Our Greeters fulfill this need by engaging with our guests and helping them engage with the body of Christ.
Contact Information: (If you'd like to get involved.)
Pastor Bill Walmsley
(414) 483-1313