Skilled Servant

You can reach out by volunteering to be a Skilled Servant.

What is a Skilled Servant?

Skilled Servants are individuals that posses a specific talent that can be utilized for the church. A great example would be a Handyman, Custodian, Tradesman and so on. We are looking for individuals who can fill these needs on a volunteer basis. Every building and its grounds need constant maintenance. In the spirit of doing all things, "as unto God," we need to be good stewards of the things God has blessed us with. Here are a few areas of need where a Skilled Servant can serve.
Grounds - These individuals are responsible for mowing the grass, trimming bushes and trees and various landscaping projects that include weeding, mulching and planting.

Maintenance - These individuals are responsible for small repairs and building projects, painting and remodeling. A "Handyman" type individual would fill this role very effectively.

Custodian - These individuals are responsible for the interior cleaning, sanitizing and visual maintenance of the church campus. They will also have larger scale cleaning projects on occasion that include waxing and sealing floors, spring cleaning and winterizing buildings.

Tradesman - These individuals would be responsible for large scale projects the church needs to engage in to maintain or better it's facilities. These projects would include large remodels, gutting, renovating, roofing, carpentry, electrical, plumbing and other skilled labor.
Contact Information: (If you'd like to get involved.)
Pastor Bill Walmsley
(414) 483-1313