Get Involved in Serving

Why should we serve others?

Jesus tells us in the Bible that the greatest commandment is to "love God with all our heart, soul and mind". He also tells us to "love our neighbor as ourselves". He then says "go make disciples in all the world".
Sounds like we need to get serious about loving others, doesn't it? You can start loving your neighbor and making disciples right here while attending Changing Lives. There are many opportunities to serve both in our church and in our community. Like Jesus, we need to be active in our community. Serving others is just one way we can show other the love of Christ. There are so many different avenues of service for all believers that we really have no excuse not to be involved in some way.

How did Jesus serve?

Literally in any way that he could. God made all of us with different talents, gifts and passions. What we do with these is our choice, but they were not given to us just so they could go unused. We want to encourage everyone to be involved in serving in some way. No matter how unglamorous or undignified the the service might be, our service to others is service to God. Jesus was always ready to serve in whatever capacity the situation demanded. He miraculously fed thousands, raised people from the dead and healed the sick. But he also washed peoples dirty feet, encouraged the distraught and even loved his enemies. 

We too should follow this powerful example and engage in our church and community in service.