Sunday Woman's Luncheons
Every month the woman of Changing Lives get together for an incredible lunch and time of fellowship. The conversations that come from this time are spirit filled and inspiring. Ladies isn't it about time you had some you time with your sisters in Christ? We feel the same way. Come out and join us!! If you have any questions please contact Vicki Walmsley.

Stepping into Leadership
Every year we have the amazing opportunity to be a part of the WNMD Woman's Ministry; Stepping into Leadership. These weekend conferences are powerful and inspiring. If you want to be challenged by the Holy Spirit, filled anew or need spiritual restoration then these weekends are something you cannot afford to miss. Ladies if you have any questions about these conferences please contact Vicki Walmsley.

Other Events:
Women's Banquet--The first Friday in December from 6:30pm-8:30pm.