Wednesday Night Service

Wednesday night our students have the opportunity to encounter God in a real and powerful way. We have a lot of fun at Crossover and that's okay parents!! Whoever said church should be boring was doing it wrong anyway. We hang out, play a few games and then get into the Word with a powerful message brought by Pastor Aaron. Afterward the students then have a choice to make. Respond to God's word for the night and take one more step in their relationship with Him; or stay the same. We don't force God on anyone at Crossover. But we teach them that everyday is filled with life and death choices. Our words and actions either invest life or death into us and everyone around us. We also show our students that God loves them just the way they are. If Jesus said he didn't come to this world to judge or condemn, then why should we? After the service is done we go out and get some tasty fast food and talk about life. That's right, we build relationships with out students the same way Jesus built relationships with his disciples. We teach, we love and we spend time together so we can show the love of Christ to others around us.