Student Min. Events

We have a lot of fun events that we participate in. Some are just for fun and others are specifically aimed at spiritually challenging our students. Below you will see just a brief synopsis of our annual events.

Return to Kickin' It

Every September students go back to school. So to lighten the mood we do a big get together at called Return to Kickin' It. We deck out the youth hall in hundreds of rolls of Toilet Paper, bring in a bunch of black lights, wear white and play some crazy group games. We also grill food, hand out prizes and every year we end with a big surprise.

Fall Brawl

Every October we invite several area churches to throw down with us at the Fall Brawl. We rent Inflatable Sumo Suits and have a no holds bared sumo elimination tournament!! We start the afternoon with Youth Group vs Youth Group challenges and then throw down with the Fall Brawl Tournament. The winner gets his own championship belt and is declared that year's Fall Brawl Champion!! We also grill out and play a crazy game called Communist in the Church.
WNMD Youth Convention

What is cooler then hanging with 3,000 students for a weekend of fun and getting closer to God? Nothing, every year we descend with thousands of students on La Crosse, WI for a powerful experience with God. We attend some incredible services with amazing live worship and then are challenged by some of the best youth speakers in the world.
Winter Retreat

Winter Retreat is a small weekend retreat that we do with just our Youth Group. We have powerful services with live worship and a challenging message. Afterward students hang with their CORE groups and talk about what God is doing in their lives. This is a very fun and personal weekend for our students as they get to experience God in a powerful way and share with each other.
A Day of Shenanigans
Every spring the Youth challenges two area Youth Groups to a day of ridiculous no skill competitions. The day is very silly and quite outrageous to say the least. We hand out a specially made trophy to the winning Youth Group and have a crazy ceremony marking their achievement. We grill out, eat great food and end the night playing Communist in the Church. (Yes that game is just that fun.)

Youth Camp

By far the best week of any students life. We have seen so many incredible things happen in the lives of students at Youth Camp every year. The students spend 5 days with hundreds of their peers from other churches. They engage in team competition games and challenges. There is swimming, sports, indoor games, canoes, paddle boats, a snack shack, and so much more!! Every night we have what I can only describe as the most amazing youth services I have ever seen. If you want God to do something great in your student's life then this week is a can't miss.