What is Ironman Men's Ministry

Ironman is a man's ministry. We don't believe in fluffy crying sessions were we talk about our feelings and share cake recipes. We don't beat around the bush or talk in code. We say what we need to say and do what we need to do. BECAUSE WE'RE MEN!! We are a brotherhood who embrace our responsibility to our families, our church, our community and our God.  In Proverbs 27:17 The Bible says iron sharpens iron, as men of God it is our responsibility to sharpen one another. Be a man and come hang out with us!!
Ironman Saturdays

Once a month we meet at the church for some great man food, donuts, coffee and yuck it up for a bit. After we have satisfied our inner carnivore and ingested all the caffeine you can handle we have a short challenging word brought by Pastor Bill or Pastor Aaron. Once we take our Godly man challenge we get down and decompress. We always have fun and like to keep the mood light. It is a great time of bonding and sometimes pranks or shenanigans do ensue. Hey, we are guys after all, right?

Ironman at Andrea's

On the last Thursday of every month Ironman meets at Andrea's Restaurant to take in some good food and conversation. We let our mustaches down and just hang out and eat. While this venue is very relaxed and loose we still find ways to keep each other honest with ourselves and with God. If you can make it we would love to see you there. If you are working don't be "that guy" and call in sick just to hang out.