What kind of Events go on at Changing Lives?

At Changing Lives we have many different events year-round for all ages. We have potlucks, special banquets, game nights, and we are active in the various events of the South Shore community. Many of our events are fun minded and focus on building friendships within the church and the community. We also have spiritual enrichments events that we participate in at the local and district level that are very beneficial to anyone's relationship with God.
Are you church events open to the community?

Absolutely!! All of our events are open and anyone in the community is welcome to attend them. Jesus very often engaged in many different social events with the communities he ministered too and he never turned anyone away from spending time with him. Since Christ is our example it would be contrary to what we believe to turn people away.
Do you ever need volunteers to work at your special events?

Yes we often do, and if that is something you are interested in you can contact the church and speak with Pastor Bill or Vicki Walmsley.